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Bin It Your Way!

Each year, local authorities and business improvement districts (BIDs) are invited to take part in the Chewing Gum Action Campaign.  In 2016, 11 campaigns were run across the UK and saw an impressive 36% average reduction of dropped gum in monitored areas.

For 2017 we are providing councils with a campaign pack that they can use in their local areas and we will also be funding outdoor advertising in targeted areas in England, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland.


Last year’s results


took part last year


less gum litter
on average


reduction in
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Who are CGAG?

We’re the experts on fighting gum litter. The Chewing Gum Action Group (CGAG) is a behaviour change campaign designed especially for local authorities.

Please take a minute to look through our website, learn more about us, our past work and how your community can take part – for free.

"Chewing gum is difficult and costly to clean up. Gum stuck to the floor creates a negative perception for residents, shoppers and local businesses. This gum campaign successfully raised awareness, reduced gum littering and reminded everyone that if you drop gum you face a big fine."

Councillor Alex Norris, Nottingham City Council

"This campaign had a dramatic effect on the amount of gum litter on our streets. We saw a massive reduction of 93%. This shows the campaign not only led to a huge improvement in the quality of the city’s streets, but also genuinely changed attitudes."

Lucy Prisk, Cardiff City Council

"It costs on average £2 to remove each piece of gum, so this campaign saved us vital funds which could then be better spent elsewhere. Encouraging behaviour change is the only long-term and sustainable solution to the problem of littered gum. Working with the Chewing Gum Action Group was a really successful way of tackling this issue and urging people to dispose of their gum responsibly. "

Councillor Phil Townshend, Coventry City Council
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Previous campaigns


The 2012 campaign tapped into the excitement surrounding the Olympic and Paralympic Games, urging people to do their country proud.


Following-up on the 2010 campaign with new graphics, we kept reminding people that dropping gum would cost them a packet.


The ‘Save Yourself a Packet’ campaign drove home the point that improper gum disposal came with an £80 fine, and encouraged people to do the right thing.