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Why get involved?

All local authorities want a cleaner, gum-free environment for their community.

The incorrect disposal of chewing gum is a significant issue, with the Local Environmental Survey of England finding gum staining in 95% of primary retail and commercial sites.

By promoting behaviour change among gum-droppers through local, paid-for advertising campaigns, you can help create a cleaner, more attractive environment for residents, visitors and businesses in your area.


of primary retail and commercial sites in England have gum staining.

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How can we help?

How do we work with partner organisations?

We deliver everything authorities and other land managers need to plan, launch, implement and monitor campaigns in your community. We do ask for some co-ordination for media events to really get the message out, but there’s no cost.

We provide paid-for advertising to participating organisations, with tested graphics and messages that work.

We book advertising in your area, on your behalf.

We work with organisations to develop a range of local campaign initiatives to achieve maximum impact.

And we measure our success, to help achieve lasting change.


A medium-weight, month-long, fully-paid-for
outdoor advertising campaign.

Current campaign


A select number of A3 and A4 posters and merchandise for local use. See our campaigns section for downloads.



Support from a campaign coordinator.

Take part


National media relations, headed up by Defra

Defra website


Support and guidance on local PR
and media relations.

Running a campaign


The opportunity for improved local
environmental quality (LEQ).



The opportunity to further engage with your local community to encourage responsible litter behaviour.

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What would local authorities and other land managers be expected to deliver?


Increased visibility of enforcement messages, i.e. ‘fines’ for gum littering as part of the campaign.


Work with local businesses to amplify the
campaign message and visuals.


Coordinate and execute local launch of
the campaign and local PR, including local
media campaign.


Provide the Chewing Gum Action Group with detailed information about your campaign, including schedules and communication plans.


Measurement of gum reduction in hot spot sites, before and after the campaign, following guidelines to be issued by the Group.


Brief feedback after the campaign has been completed, which might include a short case study.

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Advice and support

The Chewing Gum Action Group can provide you with plenty of advice and support on the running of your gum litter campaign.

Campaign co-ordination

Once you are successfully selected to take part you will get a dedicated campaign co-ordinator whose role will be to liaise with you on all issues of the campaign, such as where to site the advertising (where applicable), campaign activity and media relations.

Fixed penalty notice

The effectiveness of the campaign relies on the successful enforcement of the fixed penalty notices of up to £80 in the UK and up to £75 in Wales. For more information on fixed penalty notices, please visit the Defra website.